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ETC is a school. During an ETC summer, course work is balanced with workshops and performances so that students can apply concepts learned in class to their work on stage. Each student takes core courses in Acting, Movement, and Music. Instruction in technical theater occurs throughout the summer as we work together to build and paint the sets, construct costumes and props, and hang and focus the lights. In addition, we offer workshops in Directing, Playwriting, Musical Theatre, Stage Combat, Makeup, Scene Painting, the Alexander Technique, Shakespeare and his world, Neutral Mask, and Sound Design.

"The sonnet classes are demanding, requiring a lot of commitment and imagination.  This year I came to love sonnet class as it was helpful in giving me new places to go in my acting work."  Mike


Acting: Acting is taught in sections of 7-9 students to ensure individual attention. Freeing the imagination, responding truthfully in imaginary circumstances, and learning to trust are key elements of the curriculum. Topics include theater games, textual analysis, improvisation, and voice and diction.


Movement: Movement class emphasizes the importance of physical control and expression for the student actor. Students explore their personal movement vocabularies in order to expand their awareness of their bodies and apply what they discover in their acting work. Creative improvisations are balanced with more traditional warm-ups and basic technique.

Music: Music combines musical theory with practical exercises in singing, breathing, and listening. Students are encouraged to explore and expand their musical potential and to experiment vocally. An advanced class is available for those students who have already had substantial training in music.

About Our Students

ETC accepts students between the ages of 14-18.  Students at all levels of training and experience apply and are accepted on the basis of application, interview, and recommendation.  Each student receives an evaluation at the end of the summer which serves as the basis for a college recommendation written by the Artistic Director.  ETC students have gone on to study at colleges and universities including:  Amherst, Barnard, Boston University, Brown, University of California--Berkeley, Carnegie-Mellon, College of Santa Fe, Columbia, Connecticut College, Davidson, Emerson, Georgetown, Grinnell, Harvard, Juilliard, Kenyon, Lewis & Clark, Oberlin, Penn State, Sarah Lawrence, Tisch School of the Arts--NYU, Tulane, UNC--Chapel Hill, Vassar, Wesleyan, Yale.

Some students have been awarded academic credit by their own high schools for the work they do at ETC.

"My evaluation made me feel that I really accomplished something grand at ETC!  I know that the progress I made marks the beginning of a lifetime of change and discovery that requires hard work."  --Emily

Our extraordinary staff/student ratio (1:2) ensures close communication and excellent attention to student needs.  Members of the faculty meet regularly with each student to discuss the student's progress and well being.

Typical Daily Schedule

The weekly schedule allots time for study, rehearsal, relaxation, and household duties.

8:00   Warm Ups

8:45   Breakfast
9:05   Household Responsibilities  
9:30   Class I -- Acting or Program Time
11:00  Class II --Movement
12:30  Lunch
1:15  Journal Writing or Reflective Time
1:45  Class III -- Acting or Music
3:00   Rehearsal
5:00   Dinner Preparation or Rest
6:15   Dinner
7:45   Rehearsal or Tech Work
10:45 Group Unwinding
11:30 Bedtime
"Here, I was taught to reach deep into myself and pull out my true emotions and incorporate them into my acting. The courses were much more concentrated and detailed than I thought they were going to be. All in all, the program exceeded my expectations." --John