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Financial Aid Information

Financial Aid is provided in two forms:

A.  Grants to the family (tuition remission) and extended payment plans; allowing you to pay over an extended time period; usually between 3 and 6 months.  Most financial aid awards combine the two forms.

We make every effort to make sure all students who are admitted can afford to come to ETC, but our resources are finite.  Please apply for financial aid early as we will award grants to families as soon as we can review each application.

To apply for financial aid please send, email ( or fax (216 378 2188) us the following:

1.  Proof of Income. This should be a complete copy of your more recent tax return, or other proof of income (proof of government assistance, etc.)

2.  A letter explaining any circumstances that might not be apparent from your Proof of Income such as unusual expenses, care of relatives, etc.  Please include an estimation of what you think you can pay and what sort of extended payment plan you will require.